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Yes, yes, and yes!!! I love it and would love to send you more info about it! All of my brides get a complimentary upgrade on their albums also!

Do you do boudoir?

Engagement sessions typically last in between 1.5 to 2 hours all depending on dress changes, location, etc. 

how long is an esesh?

Hybrid is a term to easily say that I shoot both film and digital photography. My digital files will replicate the film to keep a consistent look throughout your gallery.

What does hyrbid mean?

How do we book?

Meeting over coffee to chat more is always a recommendation so that we can connect outside of the internet world! If you are long distance, we can schedule a Skype chat!


Included in most wedding collections is the engagement session! All other sessions excluded out of the collections start at $400.

How many hours do you cover?

All collections vary in hours, however, the most popular is a wedding day with at least 8 hours. This is the time frame that I know you will be given the experience you've been dreaming of!



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