The full service experience starts with styling from my online portal and isn't complete until you're holding your portraits in your hands and waking up to your custom artwork on your walls. Investing in your photography with me means you'll start building your family's legacy leaving tangible heirlooms for years to come. 

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learning who you are
as a family

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custom styling and prep

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tangible heirlooms

what to expect

A $200 booking fee secures your spot on our calendar and commissions me as your photographer. 

Included in your booking fee:

- pre-session planning meeting (virtual or in person) where we will discuss wardrobe and your artwork preferences
- use of our exclusive online client styling program
- my time and talent at your session and in the editing of your portraits
- one hour in person gallery reveal and ordering appointment

*$50 print credit for returning clients

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How do we choose location?

Clients always have the option to choose the location but I'm always here to help with recommendations! The options are endless and I do love a shoot in-home for everyone to be comfortable and at ease ;) 


What's this "Custom Styling"?

An online system is used to gather simple info from your family to design several visuals for your sessions wardrobe! This takes mom's stress out and the fun in! 


how many images are in the gallery?

A completed gallery can have anywhere from 50-80 images. Depending on the collection you choose, all of these can be yours for printing at your own leisure. 


What can I expect from the after session meeting?

Over the years, I have seen many clients NOT download their gallery. This means their precious images are in the unsafe world of the internet. At this meeting we view your gallery, download the images you in the collection to a USB for you to take home that day. Plus at this meeting you can see + touch products that you may want! 

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how can i book?!

I am so happy to see you are ready to move forward in this journey! I call this a journey because I am here for you and with you. I want this to be slow, memorable, and enjoyable! The slowness is one thing I love the most, I want you to slow down and enjoy this. Enjoy this season of life. Enjoy this moment. 

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