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You can say each season I change my Podcast list up. This varies between nutrition, health, lifestyle and business! It all just depends on what’s inspiring me at this current moment. Today I am sharing my most listen to Podcast for this season that I know you will enjoy as well! Rise Together Podcast with […]

I am based in Louisiana and we all know Louisiana has a mind of her own when it comes to the weather. Today is hot, three days ago we had a chance of snow. Your wedding day can be thought around a beautiful sunny day with a high of 65 degrees and no cloud in […]

Victoria and Matthew met at a house fraternity party which lead to their proposal at an Easter party a few years later. Now they are on their way to planning their beautiful New Orleans wedding with the help of Everly Event Planning! To begin their New Orleans wedding journey, we had some fun (and rain!) […]

When I walk into a wedding day and am greeted by a sign that requests all guests to enjoy the wedding, place phones down, put the big iPad away, and allow the photog to do their thing… My inner being jumps up for joy! Choosing to have an unplugged wedding can be difficult for two […]

You’ve picked a date, a photog, a venue, and now it’s time to start the fun with that engagement session! I believe that engagement sessions are the perfect way for us to get know to each other prior to the wedding day. We can get a feel for how everyone works together, how I give […]

Mutual friends. We all have them and we all love them. This the main connection between most couples of mine! In the pre wedding questionnaire that I send to get to know them better, this is my first question and always the same answer! To me, it is just crazy cool how soul mates are […]

Gather the goods Collect all of your details before I arrive so that I can begin working on them while you finish hair and makeup. This will allow more time for those beautiful “getting ready” photos once you are done and all details are documented. Extra elements Depending on your wedding day look, there may […]

Every client receives a simple “get to know you as a couple” questionnaire once we move forward in their wedding journey. One thing I noticed and quickly bonded with Alexa and Justin was that they LOVE exploring New Orleans restaurants and LOVE simple date nights such as the movies! Meeting at law school, their story […]