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“Our wedding day was everything we imagined it would be. We wanted it to be light and simple, but fun and exciting at the same time! We wanted to stay true to who we are and not do things just because of what others had done or what Pinterest says is perfect. Our wedding was […]

Get a hotel or VRBO. This is top priority. Don’t let your Aunt stress about getting her home straight for you and your ladies to take over. Don’t let your mother worry about cleaning up after everyone instead of sitting back and enjoying your day. Pack up and go somewhere that will have someone take […]

Friends bring the best ones right? That’s how it worked out for Colby and Sarah! These two met through a mutual friend at a Halloween party, and the rest is history! Leading into their journey together and ultimately getting here, to their wedding journey, who would have thought a mutual friend could set up something […]

Upon arriving to the New Orleans Botanical Gardens, Emily and Enrique were ready to enjoy so much intimate time together before their vows. We trailed through the gardens filled with flowers, dipped under the beautiful oaks, and truly made magic for them to cherish for a lifetime. When couples focus on them for their wedding […]

When I say “wedding albums” I am referring to the printed ones, you know? The ones you touch with your hands, flip actual pages? Not the one online living unsafely on a server that can crash, be forgotten, or heck – that link you got two years ago can expire. You are so close to […]

Let’s talk that first year of changes! Newborns change in the hospital, babies change every day, next thing you know you have a toddler going on teenager. The first year brings the most personality plus characteristics changes that need to be documented! This is why I love the first year journey’s that I offer my […]

Lifestyle sessions reveal the true beauty in a newly born baby. Baby Brooks came into the office for his lifestyle session and I have to say, the flaky skin and newborn wrinkles always stay in appearance because they are just so dang cute and so him! These wrinkles and flakes will be a thing of […]