Tips on choosing a wedding prep location.

park view historic hotel wedding party
  1. Get a hotel or VRBO. This is top priority. Don’t let your Aunt stress about getting her home straight for you and your ladies to take over. Don’t let your mother worry about cleaning up after everyone instead of sitting back and enjoying your day. Pack up and go somewhere that will have someone take care of this. Granite, if you choose a VRBO type rental, clean up crew typically come after your stay so cleaning will have to be on mind but wait till you get to number 4… Regardless of your choice, choose to go somewhere so everyone involved in the wedding can enjoy your wedding prep.
  2. Lots of natural light. You photographer and videographer will enjoy this part. Being a photographer, this is the first thing I notice or look for when walking into wedding prep. Photographers will seek out that beautiful light and hover here for all of your bridal prep giving you the ending look you love!
  3. Open concept. Space, space, and more space. To breathe, to move around, to dance, to toast. The more room the better! Now to number 4…
  4. Areas for changing, makeup and hair, and clutter over flow. This is where number one and three flow over. Getting either rooms or lots of open space will allow the wedding day clutter to actually be an organized mess. By using designated areas, this will leave your portrait location (getting ready details, toasts with the ladies, etc.) open and clutter free.
  5. Character that you love! This is your wedding day. Choose a location that represents you! You love that balcony over looking the city, choose that location. You love the gold frames in the rooms that have that classy feel, book that one! You love the bar, heck call it yours!

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