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When I say “wedding albums” I am referring to the printed ones, you know? The ones you touch with your hands, flip actual pages? Not the one online living unsafely on a server that can crash, be forgotten, or heck – that link you got two years ago can expire.

You are so close to your wedding day! All of the details are coming together, revealing such a beautiful moment before your eyes. Family from out of state are flying in to attend your wedding. College pals are sending all morning with you on the day of your wedding. Flowers get delivered and you are in awe of something so beautifully designed. Your hands fluff your gown as your mom and MOH set the final buttons into place. The veil is attached, you look into the mirror to see the bride that you have dreamed of on the day you have been working so hard to put together so perfectly!

Your wedding day unfolds before your eyes, vows and kisses are exchanged, dancing and toasting take place, and a goodbye to all guests is due as your night comes to an end. Your gallery is sent over via an online gallery a few weeks after your wedding day. With excitement, you and your now husband log on to begin scrolling through the most special day of your lives. The memories are relived with joy as you view your wedding day from this perspective.

With a new job, new move, maybe even a new baby bump, life begins to take you two away. As you build your dream life together, you quickly realize it is your fifth year anniversary. After the baby is asleep, the house is tidied up, or you clocked out of a long days of work, you two take the time to enjoy a dinner with your favorite wine. Chatter about your wedding day and how special it was begins to take over the evening where you two want to visually see the fun again! You take out the computer and enter in the log in – error.

The link you have entered is invalid.

Your heart sinks knowing you are too late. You begin to feel the heat within you get nervous as you have heard stories about people not properly saving their wedding day images, not printing them as directed, and their photographer charging a huge fee to bring them back out of storage OR them not even being stored. This can’t be you two right? The toast, the friends from school, the dress, the flowers? The dancing, the kiss, the exit of happiness?

Rewind to the anniversary dinner with your husband. You take our that favorite wine along with your wedding day album. Your fingers glide past your wedding date engraved on the cover and you begin to prepare for the special memories printed inside. You open the book, your wedding rings, and invitations are right there. You begin to slowly look through those getting ready moments, then leading to the first look, the ceremony, your group portraits plus the ones of you two together! The dancing, the toasts, the laughters all printed in front of you.

wedding day album

Don’t let the part of you loosing your images on a platform that is not permeniate or safe be you. Let the one of you reliving your wedding day through a beautifully designed album for your fifth anniversary, tenth, and fiftieth be you.

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