Preparing for a rainy wedding day

I am based in Louisiana and we all know Louisiana has a mind of her own when it comes to the weather. Today is hot, three days ago we had a chance of snow.

Your wedding day can be thought around a beautiful sunny day with a high of 65 degrees and no cloud in sight but reality hits when that seven day forecast shows rain for the five days leading up to your wedding.

What now?

Always prepare

As you choose your location for the ceremony and reception, you should always keep in mind that there needs to be a plan B that you LOVE just as much as that plan A. Plan B will be caused due to weather. While venue searching, be sure to ask what how do they prepare for rain during wedding days. Do they have tents on hand or for rent? Is everything moved in doors out of that beautiful garden area that you fell in love with? Be sure to get a plan B from every venue then plan for the best!

Do not worry

Your wedding day is here and it’s storming. My first sentence to you is “do not worry”. Why? Because it will be written all over your face in your gallery, it will be seeping out of your pores all day, and it will not be able to change a thing. Worrying will only do more damage than good and therefore simply do not worry! You made it here, on your wedding day and guess what, this is now your wedding day story! Embrace it, love it, and trust me you will still get those beautiful portraits you have been dreaming of!

Outdoor portraits

You still love the outdoor look? Well guess what, it is my job to deliver this. We will work to find you a covered porch, a new location that will deliver this look without you getting rained on. It is possible and it has happened. I remember one particular wedding day where it was a downpour. Where the bridal party was getting ready at had the tiniest covered area with about five feet of walking space. I took everyone outside under this cover, grabbed me an umbrella to take on Mother Nature, and we did it.

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