Why an Unplugged Ceremony?

wedding ceremony exit

When I walk into a wedding day and am greeted by a sign that requests all guests to enjoy the wedding, place phones down, put the big iPad away, and allow the photog to do their thing…

My inner being jumps up for joy!

Choosing to have an unplugged wedding can be difficult for two main reasons:

  1. You don’t want to upset anyone on telling them to put away their electronics.
  2. Aunt Lucy will be upset that she won’t be able to live stream you entire ceremony and therefore will send an evil spirit floating around your wedding day.

But choosing to have an unplugged wedding can be so rewarding for so many reasons!

  1. Your guests will be forced to place their things away in hiding and therefore will have to enjoy your day. Which with the fast paced world now, it’s okay to peel a phone back for an intimate moment that will result in gratefulness.
  2. You don’t have to worry about random phones or iPads in your wedding day photos. You guys, I have witnessed this myself. The ol’ iPad in the middle of the first kiss or me lunging through screens trying to get that center shot of you walking down the isle. You’ll be thankful your gallery isn’t filled with screens!
  3. You can share the actual images – the professional ones! This is one I love! I love being hired to take professional photos by you who love my work and put your trust in my judgement on portraying you two as a couple. I LOVE sending you first the professional, beautifully edited wedding day sneak peeks that don’t have a puppy filter or uncle Larry in the back with a beer can that you can share with the world!

The pros can go on with an unplugged wedding but just remember, this day is about you. The ones invited were invited to enjoy you two and the wedding celebration. Don’t be afraid to place that beautiful “unplugged” sign before everyone as they walk into your day. I’ll promise you this, everyone will be grateful they chose to enjoy this day with just you.

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