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couples engagement session

You’ve picked a date, a photog, a venue, and now it’s time to start the fun with that engagement session! I believe that engagement sessions are the perfect way for us to get know to each other prior to the wedding day. We can get a feel for how everyone works together, how I give direction, how you interact, etc. This session has a huge impact on expectations for the wedding day and ultimately preparing everyone for success together!

The perfect time

Timing of when you want to have engagement portraits done all depends on certain factors. These factors can be parties where the portraits are displayed, save the dates that are to be mailed out in a certain time frame, all of these play a huge factor in picking the perfect time. Typically, engagements are taken 6 months in advance of the wedding day. After setting the timeframe, we can start to think about the smaller details such as day of the week. For myself, I know my weekends are dedicated to many of couples as their wedding days are on the weekends which means my weekdays are the most flexible. These are factors to consider when picking the perfect time for your engagement session.


Some couples choose their venue, the first place they met, or their favorite adventure spot. I always ask couples to think about what means the most to them or what represents them as a couple. This can be strolling the streets of New Orleans, walking through a beautiful state park with the mossy oaks in the distance, or maybe enjoying time with their toes in the sand. The options are endless but as long as it represents you, the more perfect they will turn out since you know you will have fun!


Now that your engagement session is scheduled and set in the books, its time to hit up styling! This part can be intimidating – nailing down the perfect outfits plus feeling great in front of the camera! For my couples, I always guide them to my Pinterest board designed with them in mind while planning for engagement outfit inspiration and I also guide them to my Instagram! Both of the places hold so much real inspiration that I know will guide my couples to success! As a new feature, I do offer an online styling system that allows you to piece together outfits ending you with visuals and easy links for possible purchase!

Hair and Makeup

My ladies! This one is for you! Get professional hair and makeup done for your engagement session. This not only will instantly give you a higher boost of confidence to step in front of the camera but it will give you time to start thinking about your wedding day look. Aside from hair and makeup – spray tans. If you must get one, get one a few days prior, not the day before…


Your engagement session is here and it’s time to have fun and relax. You don’t have to walk in like a pro but I want you two both to walk in with an open mind on what’s ahead. Browse Pinterest, Instagram, my blog posts, anything that will give you and your boo thing an idea of how things will turn out. By looking through finished engagement sessions, you can see what is expected, what will happen and you will feel that much more prepared which results in you relaxing and having fun!

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