The Historic Michabelle Inn Engagement Session |Hannah & Forrest| Hammond, Louisiana

Mutual friends. We all have them and we all love them. This the main connection between most couples of mine! In the pre wedding questionnaire that I send to get to know them better, this is my first question and always the same answer! To me, it is just crazy cool how soul mates are truly around you when you are not even looking or recognize it. Hannah and Forrest both had the same circle of friends and that is how their paths initially crossed.

Forrest loves playing guitar and is even in a band (rock on!) that plays at many places in south Louisiana. One of them being the Varsity in Baton Rouge. All it took was Hannah attending his show for them to truly connect and start their journey as a couple. Speaking of his band talents…his proposal was the cutest thing ever!

“Forrest invited all of our family and friends to his concert at the Varsity two years after the concert we got close at. At the end of the show he got my sister to bring me on stage “to help sing the last song”. That is when he proposed to me in front of everyone.”

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