Day of reminders

Gather the goods

Collect all of your details before I arrive so that I can begin working on them while you finish hair and makeup. This will allow more time for those beautiful “getting ready” photos once you are done and all details are documented.

Extra elements

Depending on your wedding day look, there may be some extra elements that you can include when you gather your details. For example, if you’re having a modern wedding, you can bring a few pieces that represent this which can be included in your details.

Keep all three rings

The most common detail missing are the three rings. Moms, officiants, planners, whoever, will tell you to give the rings to the best man prior to the wedding day. However it is best to have them present with you so that I can have them to photograph with the details. After these are done, I usually bring the rings myself to the best man once I see him prior to the ceremony.

Bring the bouquet

Don’t forget those beautiful flowers! Have the bouquet and bouts delivered to the bride before the first look (if opted) so that you can have your bouquet in your portraits.

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