Tips to a stress free wedding day timeline

It’s 50/50 on who works with a planner or not in today’s wedding planning world. I LOVE wedding planners, they are absolutely worth everyyyyyyy dollar, but some brides choose to not get one for whatever reasons and that’s ok. Here’s where a bomb photog comes in along with tips and guidance to ensure your day will still run smoothly.

My brides know, I send out a wedding day questionnaire filled with details; wedding day style, times, locations, etc. From this questionnaire, I will create the first draft of what I believe their day should look like. Once we chat about this draft, we set a final and bam, you are ready to rock your wedding day stress free!

But it you don’t have all resources to get the guidance you need to prepare for your wedding day, here are a few things to consider when creating your stress free timeline.

Pre wedding moments

Think about all of those before moments. The ladies getting ready, everyone listening to Pandora rocking out in robs and slipper. Or perhaps your sipping on Champagne talking about past memories together. Whatever it may be, you need to consider how much of this do you want documented. I personally love entering a brides suite with music blaring, ladies laughing, hair and makeup team still working their magic, and champ bottles ready to be popped.

Pre wedding details

This one continues off of the one above. The moments can be documented but what about the details? How much detail do you have? What items do you want documented for your wedding story? Upon my arrival, I always start with details as the bride is usually finishing up her makeup at this point. Depending on how many details you have will all depend on planning the perfect amount of time for this. Say you have just your wedding shoes and jewelry to be documented, you won’t need a lot of time allotted for this. But say you have your dress and your ten other bridesmaids dresses hung on beautiful oak hangers, plus your invitation suite, jewelry, shoes, flowers…this will take time.

First look

If you have not read my blog post about why you should do a first look, you can do so here! A first look will adjust a wedding day timeline dramatically.

  1. Choosing a first look. You wedding day timeline will look something like this. Details, getting ready, first look followed by intimate couples portraits, all bridal party portraits, all immediate family portraits, ceremony, any extended family portraits, reception. Boom done.
  2. Choosing to opt out of a first look. Your wedding day timeline will look something like this. Details, getting ready, groom and grooms men separate, bride and bridesmaids separate, any immediate family separate (ex. bride with parents, groom with parents), ceremony, all bridal party group portraits, immediate family portraits, extended family portraits (honestly time doesn’t allow this after the ceremony which results in these not getting done or these getting done during the reception), reception.

Ceremony & Reception

This part of the timeline reflects the allotted time for the ceremony and reception. Plus any portraits that may need to be done in between along with details of the ceremony and reception. I always keep this in mind when it comes to details of the ceremony location and reception location. If you opt for a first look, there is a time frame where these details that you have worked so hard to put together on making your wedding day yours, can be properly documented. When a timeline is crunched, theses ceremony and reception details will be limited.

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