Sunset Field Family Lifestyle Session |Perkins Family|Saint Amant, Louisiana

You know how when you just see that “sweet spot” you die in the inside every time you ride past it visioning beautiful families frolicking through it? Well, I had this exact feeling for many of months as we made the new move to our current location. This beautiful, golden field is in my path every single day. Multiple times. Each time, I day dreamed more and more of beautiful moments documented within here.

I built up the courage to ask the house next to the field if they knew who the owner may be…BOOM – it was the sweet lady I was speaking with!

After a long discussion on how we moved it, my day dreaming about this field, her house renovation, life, etc, etc…I got permission to grace the field!!

My sweet friends Jordan and Julia with their sweet almost TWO kiddos were so kind in switching to this location. We were set to shoot for five this same evening at another typical location. BOY am I grateful they accepted the change and ROCKED the field! I mean, take a look for yourself!

The afternoon was perfect. The wind blew just right across the field. The sun glowed perfect for the golden hour. Julia’s belly was making a beautiful debut as well but Jolie is the apple of their eye in this moment, and as a mother myself, this is priceless!

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