Who doesn’t love an impromptu early morning fog session?!

This morning, we woke up extra slow, which is the perfect way we do things on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We have no expectations…

no schedules to follow, nothing but slow snuggles, coffee sipping, breakfast cooking, boo reading, and movie watching in our PJs till who knows when.

This morning however, we woke up slow but once I start to open the window shades, I fell in love with the beautiful fog dropping across the yard and into the woods around us. With excitement, I told the boys to throw on some clothes and let’s go snap some pictures!

The dew was still out, their toes were wet…

I’d say this was a perfect morning to maybe move things a little faster to snap something like this but we instantly came inside to strip down into PJs and back to our non-routine/routine of a weekend morning.

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