Do these 5 things to prepare your wedding photographer on your wedding day

You know that saying, “work with what you’ve got?”. That applies to all wedding photographers on your wedding day. You’ve got all of the details, your photographer is prepared to document them accordingly. You’ve got everyone together on time, your photographer can get all of the group portraits done as you wished. Here are a few tips that you can do as a bride to prepare not only yourself but your photographer on your wedding day. These will result in you getting exactly what you wished for once your wedding day gallery is complete!

Getting ready location

Your grandmothers orange lit house with every family photo hanging in every corner is sweet but a huge difference compared to a hotel suite with clean walls, room for organize clutter, and picture perfect spots. Having space to relax while getting ready plus leaving creative room for a photographer will result in getting ready magic. From lighting to furniture to room service coming in after for a cleaning, I highly recommend thinking about a hotel suite for the ladies and for the guys getting ready. The environment is controlled and no one has to worry about hosting their home and stressing about a mess after.


Details go a long way and play a huge factor in your wedding day story. From the hangers for the gowns to the bracelet on your wrist, the more details the better, for your story and for your photog. As a photographer I get super excited when I walk in and the bride has all of the dresses hung and waiting (whether its in a “picture perfect spot” or not – its my job to decide this for you) and a goodie bag filled with details such as the invitation suite, shoes, jewelry, perfume, etc.

Family portrait annoncement

This is a big one that can easily get over looked. Say you want all immediate family portraits done at 5:00pm when the ceremony is for 6:00pm. Well most guests don’t arrive till about thirty minutes prior so with that you will need to be sure through the great vine that whoever needs to be in pre ceremony pictures, arrives at the correct time. This way, you get all of the portraits you need done beforehand instead of searching for people after the ceremony or reception which can possibly lead to that one picture not being taken or someone missing.


If there are any surprises that the couple may know of or that your family may know of, the photographer needs to know either about the surprise or whatever the information might be is a surprise. There has been times where the parents have planned something spectacular for a the couple that I knew about but wasn’t aware that the couple did not know of this. Luckily I have never blown any surprises on wedding days (don’t ask about my personal life!) but any surprise should be talked about accordingly for us to prepare.


You’ve hired a professional photographer right? This means this is our job. This is our thing. This is the ying to our yang. Have trust. Trust that we are strategically placing things in our minds as we photograph your day. Trust that we have done wedding days plenty of times. Trust that we know the typical wedding group shot list. Trust that you are in great hands and the you can have the time of your life!

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