5 Reasons to do a First Look

Grandma always said to keep traditions. I get it, traditions mean the world to everyone but on this day, your wedding day, what means the most to you. Considering doing a first look can be a pull and tug controversy between not only you as a couple but to your family as well. If everyone isn’t on board, suddenly that pull starts to take your heart from what could make your wedding day that mush more perfect.

Intimate time

Here’s how a first look unfolds. Once the couple is ready in their full wedding day attire, they are strategically placed in either a spot that they previously chose or a spot that I chose in knowing the light is great, the mood is set, the nook is quiet. The bride makes her way, taps her partner on the shoulder or places her head on their back to take that one last breath…whatever the choice may be, this moment is intimate, quiet, and still. You two see each other for the first time, alone, not with a huge crowd looking at you. In these crowded moments, thoughts can begin to unfold all while taking away from the true meaning of seeing your partner for the first time. “Is my reaction alright”, “What’s grandma doing with her iPad”, “Am I standing funny”, the list can go on. Opting for a first look rids all of the extra noise and tones everything down to you two.

More portraits together

Following a first look, bride and groom portraits are instantly taken. We walk together to enjoy several different spots which gives you more versatile portraits all while having more alone time with each other.

Stress free schedule

When opting for a first look. All portraits are complete by the time you walk down the isle. ALL PORTRAITS ARE DONE. Wow! Do you know what that means, you can get on over to that reception and drop it like its hot right on time.

Natural light lover

You love those well lit portraits that are so dreamy floating around on social media? This is another key factor to a first look. We can strategically schedule your couples portraits plus all bridal party and family portraits to be done at the perfect time for that beautiful light! You have control!

A choice for you

Wedding planning can get chaotic. People can voice too many opinions, you can loose your opinions, etc. Choosing something for you that WILL result in timeless treasures that you will share for generations to come is what this is all about. After all, this is your wedding and if you two as a couple choose for intimate moments prior to the ceremony plus a stress free wedding day, then all power to you!

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