Preparing for your bridal session

Many brides opt for a bridal session prior to their wedding day. If you aren’t familiar, this is a day the bride chooses prior to her wedding day to go all out in her wedding attire for some pretty pictures! I’ll be honest, mom or grandmaw want these the most but they are a lovely touch to add into a wedding day. Displaying a canvas print upon your guests arrival is the perfect entrance. In addition, this day can be used as a huge bridal prep to streamline wedding day hair and makeup all while having some fun in your dress!

For my personal brides, I always send over a few tips to help guide them on preparing for this day. Today, I am so excited to share them with you!

Choose a location with meaning

Most brides will choose their wedding venue for their bridal session. Others will opt for a “wow” place since this is a day filled with bridal bliss! From plantations to the city, always keep in mind of a place that represents you and your wedding day!

Choose the perfect time

Natural-light photographers like myself use the sun to dictate how long we can photograph. Scheduling a time at least two hours prior to sunset will always leave you with that beautiful, creamy golden light. With that, keep in mind that an average shoot lasts 1.5-2 hours…if you show up 30 minutes late, the session is not extended, but, rather, ends at the regularly scheduled time due to the sunset. This is out of honesty in advance and will leave you with the BEST photography experience!

The team

From shoes, florals, jewelry…the gown and all in between, the load can be heavy on this day. Don’t hesitate on bringing extra help. From your mother, aunt, cousin, sister, neighbor, MOH…if you want them there then you are more than welcome to invite them along. They are also a big help for the both of us on fixing your hair, dress, etc. for the perfect shot.

The details

Your wedding day look is filled with beautiful details that can sometimes get overlooked on the wedding day. This is the perfect time to bring everything that represents you to bridals so they are properly documented.  Here are a few key items that most brides always bring the day of their bridal ; dress (of course), veil, ring, shoes, earrings, and invitation suite! I am adding this last one in to help either myself (if I am your photog) or your wedding day photographer. If you bring your wedding day stationary to your bridal session this will allow so much free time and free play with your station for when I (or your photog) are home. , makeup, etc. Other than the beautiful details, feel free to bring extra shoes (flip flops for walking), towels, blankets, baby wipes, etc. Mishaps happen and being over prepared for anything is perfectly fine.

Hair and Makeup trial run

Scheduling your practice run for hair and makeup on the day of your bridal session is sooooooo worth while! This not only helps you feel a little more ‘done-up’ for the shoot which boosts confidence, but this will also give you an idea on hair and makeup timing for the wedding day to nail down your prefect look. Always bring some lip gloss and extra powder for quick touch ups as the afternoon unravels.

Now get out there and enjoy your bridal day!


Kaylie Nicole

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