Successful (and stress free) tips for a simple + fun family session!

Alright mom’s, this one is for you. I totally get it…that time of year is approaching. Grandmaw has hinted she needs some updated pictures, Aunt also mentioned as well plus the ones you have been staring at on those walls are from when little Timmie was toothless and now he’s driving his own car. It’s time.

Planning for a session with the entire family can be overwhelming and downright mentally + physically draining but I want to tell you that it does not need to be that way! With these few tips and tricks, your family will be easily out the door and lined up for some fun all ending with a stress free, full of fun, portrait session!


  1. Plan ahead. PLAN EVERYTHING AHEAD. Prevent the headache and schedule a session at least one month ahead of time. This will ensure you time to think, order things if needed, and make sure schedules stay put and remain open for this one special time!
  2. Do not over-think outfits. When it comes to planning outfits for everyone in the house to wear, it can get very overwhelming. Next thing you know you are all in white tops and kaki pants…please put those away and start over. You’ll thank me later. I always personally recommend starting with one pattern on ONE person. From there, this pattern most likely will have multiple colors, you can easily piece those colors in through everyone else. Pinterest will help out a lot OR I highly recommend checking your photogs social media pages or blog for previous clients inspirations.
  3. Leave the entourage. This one pertains to families with little ones. An entourage creates a smaller bubble for everyone to breath in and can ultimately cause more stress to everyone especially the kiddos. So just bring the family needed in the session and let things unfold…
  4. Let things Unfold. Letting behavior and actions take their course is always best. I totally get it, if you little one is being not so sweet that’s one thing but if they aren’t “sitting there and smiling” that’s another and doesn’t need to be drawn attention to. Most likely your photog will handle these not so posed moments and create true magic of joy and excitement with your littles. I myself always ask parents to get involved and sing, dance, tickle, etc. to bring in natural emotions and create a sense of ease for their kiddos as well by showing this IS fun and this is NOT pressure to be someone you are not!
  5. Plan for natural moments all being documented with a photog following you. When this motto is thought of by the parents, the kids will feed off of them and be either at ease or in pure joy. Bring joy, forget the old school way of “sitting and smiling”, being forced to freeze for one hour in awkward positions…bring joy and forget the rest!


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