Nottoway Plantation Film Bridal |Mrs. Poirrier| White Castle, Louisiana

Is this the dress you initially thought you would wear for your wedding?

I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to wear for my wedding day, but this dress definitely wasn’t in my mind!

Share the details about your dress! Why did you choose THIS one?

I tried on dozens of dresses, but my best fried pulled a dress for me and we all fell in love! It’s so different – it fits my personality perfectly. I couldn’t imagine a better dress!


What made you choose this location for your bridal portraits? 

Our reception is at Nottoway Plantation, and I’ve always loved the “white room.” It was so fitting to use this location for my bridals.


Any advice for a future bride on her wedding journey?

Have fun! It’s so easy to stress about little details, but the most important part is your love for your future hubby.

Vendor love:

Hair – Ashley Roper

Makeup – Jenna Kelley

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