Bridal Prep Tips!

Everyone loves bridal prep time! The bride and her girl squad is either listening to NSYNC seeing who can still perfect the moves to Bye, Bye, Bye or sipping on champagne gifting letters that will last a lifetime. Either story is from one extreme to the other but both have brides with wedding details that mean the most to them! As a photographer, my timeline is planned around capturing the most precious moments + details that can be relived generations to come. After all, these details represent you and your wedding story!

From personal experience, when I arrive to the bride on the day of her wedding, I always ask for her details to begin photographing as she finalizes hair and makeup. Some brides have everything in totes waiting for my arrival and some have a few bits and pieces or even say “don’t worry about it”, missing these sweet details when the album is complete.

Below are five important things to consider in making the most out of your bridal prep to ensure these precious details are remembered for a lifetime in an elegant and timeless manner! Your photographer will thank you too!

  1. The Jewelry. From the earrings to the rings, have all pieces of jewelry you will be wearing available in one location. These are beautiful to photograph together and add detail to your wedding story! 
  2. The Florals. Be sure your bouquets are delivered to your getting ready location so that these can be intertwined with detail photographs plus any portraits that will be taken at this time. If a First Look is quickly to follow after your bridal prep, these are highly recommended to be with you at your location so that everyone can grab them before heading out for the first look plus formal portraits. 
  3. Coordinating Hangers. Let’s line those beautiful dresses up along with that stunning gown! Adding unique + coordinating hangers instantly vamp up the style for these portraits! Plus, who likes the clear plastic ones anyways? This small detail can be easily overlooked but one that can change things drastically! 
  4. Invitation Suite. This detail started your wedding story for you guests and should definitely be one to cherish plus be presented in your album! Bring all pieces of your wedding stationary; menu, save the date, invitation, rsvp, envelopes, etc. Paired with your jewelry or the lace from your wedding gown, these suits represent your wedding. 
  5. Location. Most brides have thought of the dreamiest of places to get dressed! If you are still thinking of locations, here are some things to consider. Keep in mind nature light (since I am film + a natural light photographer), many windows are great! Be mindful of small rooms, with so many ladies plus hair and makeup, visitors, small spaces can get cramped and quickly destroy with too many objects to move or in the way when it is time for photographs. 

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