Botanical Gardens Engagement {Kaitlyn + Bryson} New Orleans, Louisiana

The Beginning

Bryson and Kaitlyn went to high school together. At the time Kaitlyn was a Sophomore and Bryson was a Senior when they first met at a mutual friends house for a fire. From there, their story began!

 The Proposal

“So our proposal goes like this…. It happened on December 14th, which to me was just a normal Thursday. I had a long day at work and was debating on getting my nails done with his mom. So after work his mom met me at the nail salon. I was telling her how I had a feeling one of my friends would be getting engaged soon and then I proceeded to show her a wedding dress that I had liked online. Once we were finished I got in my car and called Bryson to let him know that I was on my way home.”
With plans to get dinner that night, Kaitlyn wanted to meet Bryson at the restaurant but he insisted they ride together. “We talked the whole ride home and once I got close I told him to unlock the door for me. He opened the door for me and our French Bulldog, Ollie, came running up to me so I picked him up and started playing with him.” Unknowingly, her ring was dangling on Ollie’s collar which Kaitlyn touched about ten times unaware of it all! “At this point Bryson started to panic that his plan wouldn’t work of me seeing it. He took Ollie from me and when he did, that is when I saw the ring and asked “what is that?”,  I started shaking and he got down and asked me to marry him!! It was absolutely perfect and so personal. He then took me to my grandparents house where my mom, his mom and the rest of my family were waiting! It really was a dream come true and I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen any other way!”

 The Engagement Location

“We chose the Botanical Gardens to take our pictures because it is just so beautiful and perfect for pictures! We knew we wanted to be somewhere in New Orleans”

 The Wedding

“Our wedding will be held at the Gabriel’s House of Events in January of 2019. It will be a very personal wedding with just close friends and family. I literally can not wait to marry my best friend!”

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