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The Southern Yacht Club Engagement {Isabel & Brandon} New Orleans, Louisiana


Brandon and Isabel meet Freshman year at Southeastern Louisiana University. “We actually took a business calculus class together and one day after class he got the courage to run up and start talking to me under Friendship Oak ( Which legend says if you kiss under the oak that means you and your partner will last forever)! We started walking back from class and studying together. We stayed friends for a while and about a year later, we kind of made our way back to each other and started dating! Ever since we started dating we have had the time of our lives together.” 


The Proposal

It was  Friday June 2,2017 when the engagement happened. Brandon and Isabel had planned a weekend away to New Orleans so they would get a chance to play tourist and celebrate a delayed anniversary dinner! “Friday after a long week of work we quickly packed our bags and headed to New Orleans for the weekend. On the way there Brandon decided he wanted to detour to the Lakefront so we could walk around and enjoy the sunset. When he shared he wanted to detour, I got a strange feeling since Brandon is literary the worst at surprises. The entire time on our way to the Lakefront kept thinking, is he going to propose?”

Funny story, one of my co workers was goofing around earlier in the day and said “What is Brandon proposes?! What would you say?!”

By the time they parked the car, Isabel had made herself nervous with everything going on. “We got out the car and Brandon put his arms around me and said “These past three years have been the best years of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes!” Besides the surprise of the proposal, Brandon invited all of their family and friends out for the celebration dinner to follow!


Engagement Location

“When we decided to take engagement pictures, I really wanted to think of a place that not many people have access too. The Southern Yacht Club is one of those places! My dad and brother sail there and this was the first place my parents met Brandon at a crawfish boil. We have gone there so much for different celebrations in my families life and to think that Brandon became part of my family that day is pretty astonishing!  Not to mention Brandon and I love the water. If it’s boating, fishing, or just hanging out on the beach, we are there!”


Our Wedding

Saturday October 13 of this year, Isabel and Brandon will say their vows to each other at Holy name of Jesus Church followed by a celebration at Academy of the Sacred Heart. “There are a few reasons why we were so drawn to this part of New Orleans. One reason is one of our main highlights of the year, Mardi Gras!  Every year we go down to St. Charles for parades. This year we even fortunate to have Brandon’s family join mine! Also, my brother is an alumni of the University of Loyola which is where the church is located, right on its campus. It was almost to easy to plan the wedding. Between my uncle being a caterer and my mom working for a florist a lot of the “big” things were taken care of. One thing we know for sure if that our wedding is going to be filled with tons of family, lots of laughter, and definitely some good food and good music!”

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