March 2, 2018

City Park Engagement {Anna & Jonathan} New Orleans, Louisiana

Jonathan and Anna met through a mutual friend. They were friends first and there love started to grow quickly after. “He was such a gentleman, sweet, kind, handsome…all of those things made it easy to fall in love with him.”

The Proposal

For the Labor Day weekend, it is a tradition to have dinner with Jonathan’s family for his birthday, which is always Vincent’s but this year things changed. A new “tradition” was being made and dinner was at a different location for a later time. After hearing this change, Anna started to think…”Reservations were supposedly for 7:30pm…here I was sitting waiting at the house it was 7:45pm. I’m texting him about how we are going to be late for him to reply with reservations are really for 8:00pm. So we’re driving in city park, and we park right in front of one of the pavilions. Morning call was next to it but the sign was blocked so I thought it was Ralph’s! I get out the car and look up to see candles lining the walk way up to the pavilion. I instantly looked like a deer in headlights and started crying immediately! Signs that showed our first kiss location, our first movie, etc paved the way to a table with candles. At that moment, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!! All of our family and closest friends came out of the background and were cheering! It was the best moment of my life so far.”

Anna and Jonathan obviously chose to revisit City Park for their engagements because it now holds such a special moment for them, their proposal! As we walked through the park, we came up on the pavilion Anna declared with excitement, “that’s where he proposed!”

Dresses: Lulu’s

Hair and makeup: Lauren Fowler with Up’Sa Daisy Salon

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