White Oaks Plantation Wedding {Mr. & Mrs. Falgout} Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“My wedding day was full of emotion and anxiety. I had a very small chance of having my wedding where I had planned on it being for a year. If it rained any at all the day of, my chances would be gone. It didn’t rain all day until right when we were heading over to the venue, then the bottom fell out. It ended up raining steadily from then on pretty much. We had to move the wedding to a different area under a pavilion. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I was very sad that it wasn’t the setting I had envisioned for so long. It did turn out beautiful and more intimate though. Other than that my day was wonderful. All my vendors and bridal party were so attentive and made things go very smoothly. My husband and I were getting ready at the same hotel. We had the convention room and they had our suite. We stayed out of each others way all day! Throughout the day I had some very emotional moments, some hilarious moments, but never a nervous moment (besides the rain).”

Wedding Day Details

“My favorite detail of the day was probably my flowers. I actually cried when I saw them. Over all though, I really loved that my entire wedding was an idea in my head that I told others what I wanted. I never saw anything until it was actually at my wedding/reception because I had no part in setting up, and everything came out exactly how I wanted.”

From a Bride to a Bride

“The actual wedding FLIES. I never tasted/saw my food, centerpieces, signs, etc.. I wish I would have stopped and made a point to just walk around and see everything. I didn’t think I would have this problem. Everyone warned me so I thought I was prepared. But I definitely was not. Breathe. Relax. See.”


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