February 20, 2018

French Quarter Engagement {Madison & Evan} New Orleans, Louisiana

Evan and Madison are high school sweethearts! They met through a mutual friend at a baseball game. “What’s funny is that the first time we met he didn’t say a single word to me! We talked more the next time we spoke and the rest is history. We’ve been together now for almost 8 years and not a day goes by that I don’t regret walking with him to the concession stand all those years ago! He’s the love of my life!”

The Proposal

A yearly celebration with friends on New Years Eve wasn’t so “typical”. “At one point in the evening I was sitting by a heater talking with some people and all of a sudden the guys said let’s go pop fireworks. Well it’s like 30 degrees so I said ‘oh I’ll stay here since it’s so cold!’ They insisted that I go outside, I even brought my heater with me! We were standing around waiting for fireworks and Evan asked me to come stand by him…well I told him NO because it was cold and I wanted to stand by the heater! Then he just decided to grab me and pull me into his arms. We are standing there and the fireworks start to go off and he whispered into my ear, ‘it’s been a great seven years hasn’t it’…I knew right then it was finally happening! I kept saying ‘you’re lying!’. Surrounded by all of our friends, he got down on one knee and asked ‘can we make it a lifetime? Will you marry me?’.”  Through the cheers of our friends, the pop of the fireworks, and through happy tears, Madison gladly said YES!

A Day in NOLA

New Orleans has been a place Madison and Evan have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and various holidays. They truly enjoy the love, the energy and vibes of the quarter as well as the amazing food and culture! “We went there last year for Valentine’s Day and we were able do the same thing this year-except this year we got to shoot engagements too! New Orleans hold lots of memories near and dear to us and we know it’ll hold many more in the years to come!”

Upcoming Wedding

Madison & Evan will be exchanging their vows on January 12, 2019 at White Oak Plantation. “We have lots of friends and family so we had to find the perfect place to host them all! I was truly taken away by the beauty of White Oak and all the amazing things they offer! Our colors are going to be champagne, gold, and a wine/claret color so we still have a glamorous wintery feel on our special day! We each have eight people in our bridal party and they each have played a special role in our lives throughout our relationship! We are so excited for next year and I am so ready for it to be here!”

Hair: Southern Styles Salon
Makeup: Karma Studio with Megan Dick
Clothes: Bluspero and Imagine Boutique 

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