December 12, 2017

Country Way Wedding {Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel} St. Amant, Louisiana

Ariana and Charlie had a quaint wedding at their home in St. Amant, Louisiana. The morning of their wedding, Mother Nature decided it was going to be winter in the blink of an eye. “The day was magical, everything was beautiful and positive vibes filled the air. Everything went off whiteout a hitch! It was truly special to see my vision of my wedding unfold!”

Upon my arrival, I found out something oh so special about Ariana’s wedding gown. This very gown she wore had been in two previous weddings within her family; her grandmother, aunt, and then herself. That was one thing I quickly understood about Ariana was the amount of love and dedication she had regarding the details that made up her wedding day. From passed down jewelry to such a sentimental wedding gown, then to add in the wedding day details as in the ceremony location, reception area…all of this was very well planned through and ultimately perfect for her and Charlie!

“My favorite detail of the day was the entire ceremony from beginning to end!”

Sweet Advice from One Bride to Another

“To all brides; make sure you take it all in! Just like everyone says, it really does goes by fast. Enjoy every little moment, whether it goes perfectly planned or not. After all, this is the best day of your lives!”


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