August 30, 2017

Perkins Rowe Couples Session {Leah and Cary} Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Where do I begin with these two?! As I type this, they are heading their way on a new adventure in life across the country. They packed up from their home three houses down from mine, and are spreading their joy throughout the US. Rewind about seven months ago, Leah and I started chatting about business related topics which – fast forward to now – has grown into a heart fulfilling friendship that will continue to grow no matter the distance.

Enough with my mushy-ness, honestly my heart is still broken that they moved but onto their amazing session one afternoon in Perkins Rowe! Leah has visions and this girl has to fulfill them! Her and Cary love to city life and this is exactly what they wanted to do for their time together with me and my camera. They walked the streets through the shopping centers full of laughter and life even pausing for a sweet dance break. Following the live music playing at the local bar, we made our way through to freshen up with a lovely beverage. As the sun set, Leah knew a sweet spot right outside of a lovely restaurant that was the perfect setting to end our evening together.

“Friends forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.”

I wish you two beautiful ladies the best on your newest adventure. Until next time…

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