July 7, 2017

The First Creatives Meet Up! {Gonzales, Louisiana}

A few months ago I had started a private group on Facebook, the Lady Tribe (you can join here) to empower, support, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs. This group consists of amazingly talented ladies all in the same world of being an entrepreneur. Leah Tyler (owner of Radiate Positivity) has joined in on this journey with me several months ago and I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without her kind words of wisdom. After brainstorming more on how to connect with others on a more personal level, creating our first official Meet Up was just what we needed!

Tonight’s meet up inspired me, it amazed me, and it made me count my blessings! I kept telling myself, “if my mom is the only one to show up, I will still be so happy!” Well, she was watching my kids since Devin was at work so that was out of the question.

I went on a limb, built confidence, created a small slideshow, and headed to grab some coffee and make new friends. I even put on my Joy oil and Brain Power to get things going. After arriving early to grab a table and some coffee, I saw a fellow Kaylie Nicole Bride heading my way. The biggest smile graced my face and I was beyond thrilled to see that one person, one single person, had faith in me, believes in me, in my words, and took out the time to come sit with me to talk.

We talked about life, how things were going, and grabbed coffee together. We shared recent stories, recent work, and enjoyed each and every moment talking about things that other people “just don’t understand” as entrepreneurs. A few minutes passed and the start time of 6:30pm was approaching when I saw the sweetest lady come out from the coffee shop to ask, “are you Kaylie with the Meet Up?”. Ah! Yes I sure am! 

Another one, another entrepreneur who took time out of her day, her afternoon heading to grab dinner with her husband, she took time out to chat about business and about life!

After starting our brief discussion guided by a small powerpoint on Networking + Relationships we quickly got the gears going. Everyone was throwing in stories, goals, advice, tips and tricks, you name it! The place wasn’t packed, we had empty seats outside on the patio, but two showed up…it was more than myself. I was blessed to have this opportunity tonight.

Meet the ladies! Donna is an artist setting goals for herself to be on the right path in following her dream full-time! She even pulled out the cutest pineapple planner full of notes to keep herself on track. Allison is a hobbits photographer and videographer on the right path to following her dream! Thanks again ladies for taking time out of you afternoon in coming to chat. I can’t wait until the next one.

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