June 6, 2017

School’s out for the summer!

We are one week in, not even, more like six days into summer for Dakota. Dallas visits his friends by┬ámy cousin’s home two days a week and will continue to that over the summer for “social time”. But that means my two days of quiet time, work time, book time, house time, and coffee time are gone since the sound of laughter, footsteps, demands, and neediness are always around, seven days a week. This doesn’t mean it is a bother that my oldest is home all of the time, it simply is a statement that my “office days” alone are gone until August.

So what have we been doing?

Playing. Playing in the rain. Making memories. Memories with each other.

It has literally been raining in South Louisiana for almost two weeks and it is making me feel as if this is what the normal is. Mud, movies, rainy, muggy days. But instead of smothering up inside, we are enjoying what is here. The day that is given to us, whether it is rain or shine, the days are here and there are moments to be made. Yesterday it rained again all day. The grounds were disgusting, the yard had a smell of you know what, and the boys were drained from being locked up inside…

“Go get muddy” — mom

There went the clothes off of Dallas and the smiles grew larger as they played! So as of now, our summer has been full of:

  • mud puddles
  • late nights watching endless movies on the couch
  • baking cupcakes at 7pm
  • pointless trips to Target only to scrounge through the dollar section
  • dancing in the living room to music blaring
  • and as many camps/activities we can sign up for


Our summer has just begun and I think this one will be a good one as long as the smiles continue to grow, the moments continue to be cherished, and the boys continue to be boys out of school…

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