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Fontainebleau State Park Engagement Session in Mandeville, Louisiana {Whitney & Brett}


Where do I begin with these two?! Whitney and Brett have been in my life for over ten years and now they are uniting and starting their own journey together. Whitney is my beautiful baby sister-in-law that I have been knowing since the awkward thick glasses and braces stage. If anyone hasn’t known, my husband and I’s parents live across the street from each other. This is how we both met and our relationship began. Same for Whitney, this little girl use to come across the street to knock on the door looking for something to do. She was the cutest and sweetest thing! Brett’s parents have been friends with my parents for years through baseball. My younger brothers played travel ball with him which is why we know them so well. Heck, I even call his mom my Momma Sherrie! So yes, small world!! Now these two are planning their wedding and this sister in law couldn’t be happier for them.

Whitney and Brett went to the Science and Math Academy together in 7th and 8th grade and this is when they initially met. Whitney was the “nerdy girl” and Brett was the “baseball player”. “I really liked him and everyone knew it, even the teacher. LOL! He told me years later that he really thought I was cute in 8th grade but was scared to admit it. We went or separate ways (always kept contact though) and it wasn’t until sophomore year of college that we met back up and made it official.”

A baseball trip with Brett’s team in Cooperstown, New York on July 27, 2016 started their wedding journey! Brett and his team (The Zappers) walked off field 5 for their last game together. He started with his usual 20 minute long end-of-the-game speech. Everyone was already emotional because it was the last game together as a baseball family and they had just lost the play offs in New York. The kids, adults and Whitney were all crying. Brett always ended his speak with the MVP of the game when they won a trophy but this game there was no trophy to give. “He proceeded to say after ever game I stand here with a trophy in my hand for the person who is the MVP and Whitney. He had a big long speak that I don’t remember unless I watch the video (from a parent) and he told me to come to him. Everyone was cheering and he asked! I don’t know if I even said yes or no. Everyone came to hug us and asked me if I liked my ring and I’m pretty sure I never even saw it until we left the park because my eyes were so watery. So yeah it was beautiful, graceful, and I smelled like (you know what) because I had been sweating all day! It was great!”

“Our first date was a baseball tournament in Thibodaux then Hooters after, but if you want something more “flashy” our second date was at the Luke Bryan concert. It was the best I was ever on because I touched Luke bryans hand!”

Hair and Makeup: Denise Moran

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