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April 7, 2017

A blog with a purpose…or I hope so!

As you have gathered, I am the owner and lead photographer at Kaylie Nicole Photography. This past year has been a roller coaster full of happy + sad tears, late nights + early mornings, many beautiful faces + places, all while being a “stay at home mom” to two boys (I will introduce them later) and a loving wife to my supportive husband. The last part of that very sentence is why I want to branch out into a lifestyle + business blog. No I am not a mommy pro, no I am not the Queen of my castle and can conquer every hurtle put my way, no I am bot the head macho of every business advice needed, yes I have made it this far, and yes we all go through the same obstacles of this crazy thing called life. This has been something my heart has desired and planned out for sometime now, but my fingers and mind get the best of me. I can not begin to tell you how many times I had typed 20, 30, 200 words all followed by DELETE.

Who wants to read that?

Who cares?

Is it really that special?

I’m sure other people are dealing with the same?

Other entrepreneurs know that already?

Everyone starts out that way?


It is time to do what my heart has been wanting to do and want my creative mind needs to set free. This is why I am branching out my blog, this is what I want you as a mother, as a creative, as a wife, and/or as an entrepreneur to gain (even if it is just one sentence of advice or knowledge) out of this very blog:

  1. Advice on running a house and business
  2. Tips and Tricks on getting things done
  3. Templates for business and life
  4. Behind the sense on how I manage it all

I hope you stick around and enjoy my crazy beautiful life as well as learn some tips and tricks in surviving this crazy thing called life! Until next time…


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